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A solar inverter with MPPT (maximum power point tracking) ensures better functional ability of the inverter. This article lists out some of the best MPPT solar inverters which one can buy online that are budget-friendly as well.

Solar inverters have become a primary need used for commercial and residential purposes. Previously, it was not used as much but has become in high demand in the market in recent years. Its benefits attract people’s attention to choose solar energy over others. MPPT (maximum power point tracking) is a feature that helps the solar inverter to find the point where the maximum power can consume to work efficiently, whatever the situation is. That is why a solar inverter with an MPPT controller is a must thing one should consider when buying such a device. But which Solar inverter will suit your need may create conflict in your mind because you need to know which features are best and must have an inverter. Solar Panel Lithium Battery

10 best MPPT solar inverters: Buyer’s guide | HT Shop Now

We created a list of the best MPPT Solar inverters to make it easy for you to choose the best product. They are available online, have some great features, and are guaranteed by the best companies. You can choose them by comparing the price and features you want in your inverter and deciding the best solar inverter you should buy. Let us inspect the top MPPT solar inverters from the following list.

1. Smarten Superb 2500VA 2.5kVA 24 V 50 A MPPT Solar PCU Inverter

Bring home the Smarten super solar inverter with a 50 Amp MPPT solar controller, which is 30% more efficient. This MPPT inverter supports solar panels up to 1800 watts. It is an easy-to-install inverter that comes with an LCD screen. To ensure its efficiency, this inverter has a real-time signal processor advanced DSP (digital signal processor) controller. Apart from these, it can enable/disable the grid charging whenever possible and charge the deep discharge battery at a lower voltage. You can use this solar inverter for your home or office purposes.

Product dimension: ‎35 x 26 x 26 cm

2. UTL Gamma Plus rMPPT Solar Hybrid Inverter

Created based on an advanced technological system, this solar inverter is the best inverter you can install in your home. It has a built-in rMPPT charge controller that ensures 94% higher efficiency. Furthermore, this inverter is designated with a multi-coloured dynamic display that shows parameters like; battery voltage, input voltage, solar voltage, amount of solar power consumed etc. apart from these, this solar inverter prioritizes solar power over grid power that reduces the consumption of grid power.

Product dimension: 33.4 x 30.5 x 15.9 Centimeters

3. MuscleGrid Solar Sensation 2.5KVA (2500VA) MPPT 24V 50Amps Hybrid Solar Inverter

Buy this hard build solar sensation to save money and protect the earth. MuscleGrid Solar Sensation hybrid solar inverter is the best choice for your home, which takes care of all the necessary things you want in your inverter. It’s built with hard metal so it ensures the flexible durability of this system. It's a microcontroller-based innovation that has advanced DSP-based technology for high efficiency. Apart from these, it has an alphanumeric display for better regulation of the system and has the potential to charge at a lower voltage. In addition, you can get this super-quality solar inverter at an affordable price with a 2-year warranty.

Product dimension: 38 x 40 x 25 cm

4.MuscleGrid Solar Legend 3KVA (3000VA) 70AMP True MPPT Solar Inverter

Another MuscleGrid solar legend inverter for your perfect home suitability. This one comes with a big display with highly configurable switches. Based on AI technology, this inverter has built-in stabilizer support panels up to 2800W and a 70 AMP true MPPT charge controller to perform faster without interruption. It can be installed easily and stands for better durability. It will be best to use this inverter for residential purposes.

5. Flin Energy FlinSlim MPPT Grey and Black Solar Inverter

Check out the FlinSlim MPPT solar inverter with an attractive slim designation and lighter weight. It is an inverter of next-generation ion, highly efficient and easy to install. This solar inverter comes with 90 to 93% peak efficiency and an in-built MPPT solar charge controller for excellent solar system efficiency that allows you to save on your electricity bills. It offers great flexibility and directly connects with the solar panel to get free and fresh solar energy power. With the automatic feature of this system, it prioritizes solar power over grid power.

Product dimension: 10 x 30 x 44 cm

6. Statcon Energiaa Bullet 3024 - MPPT ~ 2.5 kVA Solar Inverter

Buy the Statcon Energiaa Bullet 3024 powerful solar inverter that suits the home, office or shop anywhere you want. This MPPT inverter with battery work efficiently and saves electricity and money. This inverter runs on only two batteries and can take all the daily loads of your household. It supports quick charge, and the battery is durable and runs long. This easy-to-use solar inverter you can get online with a total of 24 months of warranty.

Product dimension: ‎35.7 x 41.5 x 18 cm

7. SDV Smarten Superb 4000 VA / 4kVA 48 Volt 50 Amp MPPT Solar PCU Inverter

The Smarten MPPT wave solar inverter is considered one of the finest solar inverters you can buy for your home. This one comes with smart technology which works 30% more efficiently and is capable enough to run a water geyser, microwave oven, 1.5 tone air conditioner etc., for the flexibility of the inverting system, It has an advanced DSP (digital signal processor) controller that works as a real-time signal processor. Apart from these, it has an LCD and selectable 4 levels for battery depth of discharge, making this inverter the best choice for your home.

Product dimension: ‎ 53 x 36 x 58.5 cm

8. FlinMarvel MPPT 5.6kW Solar Inverter

The next one on the list is the FlinMarvel 5.6kW Solar Inverter. This inverter would suit perfectly to your home as it comes with a big data display with a touch button for the smart regulation of the system and with the intelligent auto feature, this inverter gives priority the solar power over grid power. Designated with the MPPT-based charge controller, that ensures the system’s smooth function in any condition. Apart from these, it has a 6KW PV capacity, and you can use it without batteries. You can get this great-featured solar inverter easily online and install it at your home and it is suitable for using for residential purposes.

Product dimension: ‎ 46.8 x 29.5 x 14 cm

Check this solar inverter by EAPRO, a recognized company in the global market of solar inverters. Built based on modern technical designation, this unique solar inverter has a large dynamic display with multifunction buttons that promote easy and flexible system regulation. With the powerful MPPT charge controller, it has a 2160-watt load capacity. In addition, it can carry 9.5 AMP, which ensures you take all the heavy loads of your home, office, or any other places you wish to install.

Product dimension: ‎ 41 x 36.5 x 35.5 cm

10. Microtek MPPT Technology Based M-Sun Solar PCU Inverter

This Microtek M-sun solar inverter comes with the latest technology that brought innovation into solar inverters. The MPPT technology of this solar system makes it more efficient in maintaining a smooth functional process. Designated with an LCD, this solar inverter operates on solar or grid power. Apart from these, running all sophisticated appliances comes with a pure shine wave output. As a PCU solar inverter, if you are looking for an inverter that will provide fresh energy with extra savings on your electricity bill, this inverter will be best suited for your needs.

Product dimension: ‎ 25.5 x 52.7 x 42.6 cm

We have listed the best-chosen product that can perfectly fit your needs. But if there is one product that is the best, we prefer to choose the FlinSlim MPPT Solar Inverter. This one comes with an advanced technological system and provides excellent performance. It is also slim and lighter in weight. So you can easily arrange it on the wall. Apart from its designation, it is highly efficient and can take heavy loads, which are important features in an inverter. And these make this product the best overall.

According to the above listing, all the product has some great features that make them worthy of buying. However, if there is one product to choose from, It's suggested you pick the UTL Gamma Plus rMPPT Solar Hybrid Inverter. This is because it has super efficiency and a great dynamic display that works perfectly for your home. In addition, it can carry all the daily loads, and get it at a very lower cost than the other products, making this solar inverter much more valuable for your money.

How to find the perfect solar inverter?

A solar inverter for the home or anywhere is the best way to experience cost-free electricity. Also, it saves the planet by providing pollution-free clean energy. Choosing the perfect solar inverter is important to get the correct functional ability you need in your inverter. To do so, you have to look at the features of the kind of Solar inverter you chose. First, check whether it has the latest technology; the auto feature is a must for the safety of your home. Next, look for the load capacity and how much load the inverter can carry. Also, check the price, and choose the inverter that will suit your budget. There are many affordable MPPT inverters available in the market. For your best preference, check online customer reviews. It will be best to check YouTube. You must get all the information before you buy a solar inverter.

Disclaimer: At Hindustan Times, we help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and products. Hindustan Times has an affiliate partnership, so we may get a part of the revenue when you make a purchase. We shall not be liable for any claim under applicable laws, including but not limited to the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, with respect to the products. The products listed in this article are in no particular order of priority.

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It helps to boost the energy up to 30%, which adds more efficiency to the solar inverter that adjusts the system’s reliability.

MPPT increase the electricity to the battery up to 20 to 30% to charge the discharge battery of the solar inverter faster. , which helps the solar system work more efficiently. 

dual MPPT is better than a single MPPT because it can work on multiple solar strings, which means higher flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings. 

you have to check the feature. Some solar inverters are suitable for both homes and offices. But there is a particular category also available. It depends on the loads you want it to carry. 

10 best MPPT solar inverters: Buyer’s guide | HT Shop Now

Off Grid Solar System An MPPT can connect with a total of 3 solar panels.